Ane Defense Force: Currently both a joke and a threat. The ADF in the VC-verse has only ships currently lent it by the Ane History Scouts.

ADF ImprobableEdit

Basking ray
-- A Basking Ray scout usually at Earth. This is Therilan's ship. Typical disodium ship, 18 light years a day cruise

ADF RubiconEdit

-- a Tigris class Science Cruiser under the command of Dieislan. It is usualy at Earth or various points between Earth, El Nanth and Association. Typical disodium ship, 18 light years a day cruise

Stingray class light frigatesEdit

Stingray 2395
ADF Paradox, ADF Infinity -- disodium powered 18 light years a day. they are patrolling El Nanth

Falcon class cuttersEdit

12 ships of the Solar Patrol, patrolling around Earth. These are freshly refit dilithium advanced block 1 designs, 3 light years a day.

ADF UnityEdit

-- Challenger class cruiser. A dilithium old scale. One light year per three days is hoped for.

ADF Gunga DinEdit

Massive container ship used to move things around.

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