Located on Mandara Island in Kenya. A pay as you go few questions asked space port. Convenient to a good portion of the world they invite technology investment.

The African Free Port has hanger and service facilities for all ground to orbit craft.

They have the Heinlein Station ground gun. A rail gun that lofts cargo that can withstand high G loads, like fuel and food. The sonic booms of the rail gun echo across the salt marshes. Several cans a day go up. Cans are returned to Earth to make the trip again. The ground gun means that ships can lift light on fuel to carry more cargo. A shot on the station is possible every three hours. they don't have the turnaround that good yet.

Recently installed are gigawatt phaser batteries to defend the port. The Ane highly recommended the move. These class 5 weapons are among the best to be hand.

Bicorn Services has an office at the African Free Port. An individual with the cash can get a bounce to any station.

Freedom watchers place the African Free Port as middle of the road for facilities and interference.

(See: Near Space)

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