Mega market formerly known as WalMort. An immediate improvement in both working conditions and wages as well as the quality of the goods being sold was noted. Yes prices did go up a little, but not as much as anyone figured. However it is no longer the slums of shopping, or employment.

Allion's stores were redecorated in anything but blue. Walmort blue was banished and Green is now the predominate color.


On the true principle that you cannot cut your way to profitability the wages of all Allion's employees have been increased to at minimum the point you are not qualified for government assistance, and usually much higher than that. As many employees as possible are given full time work.

The office that helped employees get government assistance was disbanded and the people that worked in it sent to the retail stores. Full health care is granted, other benefits are available.

Staffing levels in stores have increased to the point that stores are clean, stocked, and there is someone to help you. Low staffing levels are no longer considered a virtue. Customer service is the only virtue.


Customers have been asked to improve themselves as well. Poeple that are truly dressed in an inappropriate manner are asked to leave. Belligerent persons are dealt with in a safe and calm manner. If they make that impossible security stuns the asses and calls the police.


The reason for the existence of any store. Anthony has his name on the front their will be nothing but quality inside.

  • When and if possible local products are preferred. Especially in terms of produce.
  • Low quality trash carried because the price was low was gotten rid of.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. That used to be the motto of Sears, it is the working motto of Allion's.
  • Allion's does not demand special censored versions of any artist's work. They carry the pure item or not at all. People have discernment, if they don't want something they can not buy it. Allion's will not be bullied into seeing you are not offended. Nor will they push a given mortal stance at you, save the moral stance that you are a responsible person responsible for your own buying decisions.
  • Likewise all common pharmaceuticals are carried, including birth control and Plan B. Pharmacists that cannot fill per the Doctor's orders can seek other employment.


Instead of being a drain on the vitality and retail health of any community they were dropped into Allion's is a good corporate citizen. They back local schools, preferably Learning Centers. They participate in youth sports as a sponsor. They get involved in local charity and beautification programs.

Because they wholesale locally when the product is there they encourage local businesses.


The location in Anderson California has been mentioned.