The general term for an Ane, male or female in a child care role.

While Ane cannot do the physical aspects of child care they are remarkable barometers of a child's emotional and often physical state. One Ane can easily keep track of a dozen children. Ane are used for monitoring, for therapeutic benefits (Usually female healers in that role) and as a backup to educational agents in Learning Centers. Aneilogs are liked for the fact they can do the physical aspects, but they lack the big fuzzy demeanor of the Ane.

Size aside, an Ane in the corner of a daycare is a nonthreatening age and gender neutral figure. They are readily cuddled and you can whisper secrets in their ears that stay secrets. Ane never tell you that you are silly, they don't crush your dreams with reality. They will look out for you.

The Ane see this as the actual job. They will admit they are hired to monitor the children for health and emotional needs. They head off bullying before it is a problem. They can detect the early stages of illness in a child and alert caregivers. People use to the Human idea of "work" don't really get it.