The Aspect is the Ane soul. Functionally similar to the Vulcan Katra. The Ane hold similar beliefs in the indestructibility of the person. Death is not the end, only the end of a phase. Living Ane can elevate their Aspect into the All and this is considered full participation in the Ane mental culture.

The Aspect and Icon, or name are the two parts of the Ane person.

Ane have a curiously detached view of death because of the Aspect. It is not a matter of faith that they will continue on in an afterlife, but a matter of knowledge. By elevating the Icon and the Aspect into the All they can speak with those that have passed from the sensate existence and become part of the All. they know that death is just a state change. Perhaps on they do not desire then and there and wish to avoid, but not something to fear or dread.

It is also known that Humans, the Ansisi who have become part of the All have Aspects that enter the All on death. One can speak with Ansisi herself, or what is left of her. Admiral Jay P. Hailey gave something like that a try in "Spirit in the Sky" with mixed results.