Adventuring guild started by Willis Blackmane. It is located in the backside of a tavern called the Silver Shark in Seahaven. The Shark is an upscale "dive". It offers a decent selection of booze, good food, and a quiet atmosphere to enjoy same. If the usual bouncers are not enough the help calls on the guild in the "back"

The guild is in the back of the bar. The interior is notably larger than the exterior. The guild gathers intelligence, contracts quests, offers housing, acquires supplies, and if required provides healing to guild members. Members of other guilds that have reciprocal agreements are welcome. The Evil Slayers' Guild is NOT one of them.

Known MembersEdit

  • Raphael of Suszan -- Half Centaur male; Senior member, seldom adventures. Warlock and Cleric.
  • Varn -- Human, male: Senior member, Varn's Hell Tours. Fighter and Magician
  • Ninje Caelyn Another damn Sergal female: Senior member Makes most of the bonus weapons for the guild. Magus, smith.
  • Decon -- A Foxtaur rescued from a different Hell, Warlock
  • Fenton the Black -- Centaur, Fighter
  • Liss -- Fox exotic, Fighter
  • Wolfe -- Huge wolf exotic, Fighter

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