History of the StudEdit

The Stud to breed and sell walking horses was established in 1833.

By 1845 the Stud was a station on the underground railway. A large cellar built under the floor of the main barn was used to hide Negroes escaping north. (The cellar is still in place under the "west barn".) The Saille family was disgusted by slavery and never owned slaves. The farm was run with hired hands, many of them freed Negroes. The farm had a row of worker housing from 1839 to 1944. The increasing popularity of the automobile made living on the farm unnecessary, and the aging cabins (third generation) were torn down.

During the Civil War the Stud was overrun several times by both Union and Confederate forces as the city of Lexington changed hands. Deep divisions in the border state Sailles are evidenced by the fact that of the three Saille brothers, two fought on the Union side one on the Confederate, and only one, Paul Saille on the Union side, came home. The cellar that Jean Saille built to hide Negroes preserved the best of the Stud's horses from being seized by either army.

1942 to 1946, Ryan Clarke Saille, Jerry's father, fights in WWII as a navy pilot in the Pacific on the USS Bunker Hill. He flies dive bombers. One attack was against the IJN Kongo.

Jan 14, 1948 Jerold Ryan Saille is born at home.

In 1974 the Original House was destroyed by a tornado that killed nearly the entire Saille clan including Jerry Saille's young wife and son. Only Jerry himself survived when the tornado drooped the 150 year old house into the cellar. Jerry rebuilt the house with as much of the original stricture and furnishings recovered as possible. The 1840 painting Sarah Saille by Rembrandt Peale was found, but a bare patch of canvas in the upper left shows the one piece they could not find.

Bicorn Services has its main office on the Stud. They work out of a converted barn that the stud was not using.

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