Full title: The Book of Blessings

Author: Possibly Yousf the Canaanite Vizir of Egypt.

Published: Calvary Press published the book with rigorously difficult distribution and tried to enforce copyright. A clear troll move by a frightened religious establishment. They got badly burned. It is still public domain.

Format: E-book, impossible to get hard cover.

Content: Reputed to be an ancient book in Hebrew that is alleged to be a lost book of the Old Testament.

The book contains rituals to be performed by priests, for everything from the healing of wounds to the assuring of a healthy crop. It is clear from the wording that instant results are expected in most cases.

The rituals are grouped in seven tiers, each reputed to be more powerful and difficult than the last.

The book is freely available on the Datarnet as a PDF or Hebrew text file from countless torrent and download sites. There are at this point a dozen versions with commentary and or translations.

The Book is a core text of the Enlightenment Movement.

See Also: The Book of Enlightenment.


It is noted that this book is under constant attack. Sites that carry it are frequently hit by DoS attacks. Attempts have been made to corrupt the files, or to disguise malware as the Blessing files. These attempts fail for unknown reasons. Every file that claims to be the Book of Blessings has actually been the book of Blessings, no matter what those offering the download have intended.

Some sects of Judaism have taken the book to heart and are using it as intended. Apparently you do not need to be an Aaronite to use the spells within, but your heart must indeed be in the right place and your spirit in the right frame of mind. Those that approach the Book of Blessings with a spirit of control or authority fail. Those that approach with a spirit of quiet humility and service succeed. This does not go over well with controlling authoritarians. "Meh, tell it to the book you should."

The people that traditional religion would expect to succeed, the ultra-orthodox, are the major failures. It is the quietly observant Jew that minds his own business that gets the job done. This of course has caused the self same ultra-orthodox to condemn the book as a fraud and heresy.

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