AKA -- Christian Knights of the Northwest

The Christian Knights are a humanist, once white supremacist, militia group in rural Oregon. The membership is more or less centered around Grants Pass Or. They have survived the crushing defeat that Aliens delivered the idea of racial supremacy by grasping the Christianist part of their mandate.

From all respects the membership has not altered significantly. Unlike some groups they did not do a memebership drive or merge with any other group.

The principle ordinances of the group are Fundamental Christianist philosophic talking points since the Alien contact. Humans are God's special creation. Earth belongs to Humans. The Earth is 6000 years old and other such discredited ideas.

While their ideas might be quaint the website proves they know how to use technology. They are not found on the WWW but are part of the shadowy "dark net". A web of proxies, shifting domains and member only websites.

They meet on the land owned by the militia's titular leader Morgan Falstead. An apocalyptic survivalist who has apparently stopped preparing for the race war and is gearing up for the Alien Invasion. (Slow on the uptake, they are here.) Meetings are not on any firm schedule that is easy to spy on.

What has been noted is that the technology of the group has been upgraded. Evidence is that Team Alpha has recruited the Knights as an independent cell in accordance with their new operational policy.

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