The Coffee Caucus is an American political movement known for its conservative positions and its role in Team Red.

Members of the movement have called for a reduction of the United States national debt and federal budget deficit by reducing government spending. In addition, they have also called for lowering taxes. The movement opposes government-sponsored universal healthcare and income. Coffee Caucus members also are strong on the Team Red social agenda of no women's healthcare and in favor of the Moral Mafia talking points. It has been described as a mixture of Team Maroon, trying to color itself as populist, and conservative activists.

It has sponsored multiple protests and supported various political candidates since 2009. Various polls have found that slightly over 10% of Americans identify as members.

The frequent cant of the Coffee Caucus has been how the Team Blue measures and programs are going to bankrupt America, both financially and morally. As with most fringe movements the only answer it has total adoption of their whole platform.

The Coffee Caucus is losing ground in the face of their constant warning of the Apocalypse amid the rising tide of plenty. The increasingly are grabbing "The Crazy" to try and remain relevant.

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