Appearance: Vista City Game, several

Number of Members: Several thousand

Nature of Members: Employees

Organization: Business

Game Role: (Formerly) Evil computer builder

World Role: Computer maker. Cyberdyne makes everything from low end desktops to high end servers. They are just breaking into the Mobile market. Late to the game.

Relative Influence: Fairly major.

Public or Secret?: Public with secret goals.

Publicly Stated Goal: Make Great Computers.

Rral Goal if Different: Line our pockets at your expense. (Depreciated)

Relative Wealth: Fortune 500 company.

Group advantages: Established business, money soluble ethics.

Group disadvantages: Large target

Those who favor them: Stockholders, those they sell information to.

Those opposed to them: Freedom loving people, those that had information sold.

Area of Operation: United States and overseas markets.

Headquarters Location: Offices in Silicon Valley, manufacturing in (Former) China and the USA.

Public Face: Crappy Winders Computers

Notable Members:

History of the Organization: Cyberdyne started in the 1980s with the introduction of the intel 8680 microprocessor and the first rush of IBM PC clone makers. They quickly established a reputation for cheap but more or less functional machines that, once introduced, had Winders installed as the default, saving the consumer a great deal of effort.

Among the more knowledgeable Geek community Cyberdyne was also known for backdooring every system that went out of the factory. Each and every Cyberdyne computer did report home, on far more than make model and operating system. Cyberdyne machines were so MessySoft compliant (some would say submissive, in a bad way) that they were derided by the open source community as worthless junk. Cyberdyne dismissed such talk as FUD, knowing that if they preached it loud enough the public would buy it.

Worthless junk proved the case for their stock when the scandal broke of Cyberdyne looking for the Lost Dutchman Mine on the pretense of communication research. The whole thing went south when the desert team in the Superstition Mountains was destroyed by a faulty propane tank*. (The tank maker claimed improper use, they were vindicated in court.) In the process of trying to pass the blame around the fact that Cyberdyne was a paper tiger became apparent. There where looking for lost gold to counter their missing profits. The Board had siphoned off the money. Stocks tanked, heads rolled, jail terms got passed out like candy as they pointed at each other trying to dodge very sticky blame.

Cyberdyne was bought out by Second Chances Inc. They are still in operation trying to overcome a bad reputation. Manufacturing was brought back to the USA and they are on the cutting edge with the tri-logic processors, and a outreach to the open source community.

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