A diverse group of black witches that seek power for their own benefit and don't really care who they hurt in the process. A number of covens have been identified by the goat head amulets they wear. Each coven using a different gemstone for the eyes.

The activities of those coven members that have been located are all geared to using magic for personal gain, usually at the expense of someone. They carelessly use magic to get wealth and power. They gladly deal in the taint. Dark pacts have been hinted at but not confirmed.

The exact function of the goat head amulets is not known, but they are tied with the life force of the wearer. When one is destroyed the wearer is cooked from the inside out from the neck to the genitals. An apparently painful process judging by the one woman agents saw it happen to up close.

No over arching central control or organization has been located. An association with the Demonic Bank Robbers male coven has been assumed and lightly hinted at by Brother Job, but never confirmed.

  • Coven Blue -- AKA "Team E". Responsible for the loosing a Höllekind on California. They are responsible for at least seven murders and numerous civil rights violations. The Coven was destroyed in a climatic battle with members of the VC-SIS and The Santa Annas.
  • Coven Diamond -- Believed centered in the "Jet Set", no given location. No PC action. Action File: Gone to ground. No magical connection can be located and the amulets have vanished. Identities of the women were never established.
  • Coven Yellow -- Believed located in Florida, no PC contact. Action File: Again gone to Ground since the Coven Blue incident. They are doubtless still working, but at this time working to stay unseen.
  • Coven X -- They were never identified correctly although eight possible identities have been found via photos and missing person files, none has been positively identified. They died in the Vista City Mana Storm when something they were doing went way out of control. The only thing found of them was the melted gold from the amulets. They are believed to be responsible for "Sparky the Dog" and the Girls.

This group is considered active and still very much a threat.

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