AKA The Defenders

The DSH is a branch of the FBI created recently to utilize persons of super ability to police and monitor those who might abuse the citizenry with said abilities. The DSH is a super SWAT team for Bureau 13 and others that need such.

Their mission statement is to assist law enforcement on a national level against any and all "super criminals". The "super criminals" are classed as anyone who uses meta level abilities, super advanced technologies, magic, psionics, or excessive weapon force to break the law on a level that regular law enforcement may have extreme difficulty with. They do not protect national security, fight commies, or aid any political goal. they are cops. Some are full time, many are part time. Membership in the DSH does not prevent or necessarily mean involvement as a Bureau 13 member.


The force has several strategically located and mostly public facilities interlinked by a magical portal system. The "lairs" are comfortable places for living, lounging, and training built with the needs of meta humans in mind. The four primary locations are in New York, NY, Los Angeles, Ca, New Orleans, Lo, and Chicago, Il. Numerous offices are located around the nation to facilitate quick deployment. Ane are kept on staff to further facilitate transpiration and if necessary communication.

  • New York -- The original headquarters of the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense. Labs housing, a nice comforable place to get things done and hang out. The original BPRD people prefer this location.
  • Los Angeles -- Also the location of the super holding cells and the vaults for magically dangerous materials.
  • New Orleans -- Southern style and comfort. So far mostly people passing through.
  • Chicago -- Not yet anyones favorite location.


Nodes are gates in areas of interest and hot locations or some well placed locations to speed getting people around. These locations, among others, have nodes.


Ane have been hired as on call teleporters and back up communications. At least a few are located in every lair and node in the system.

Common EquipmentEdit

  • Badges: The DSH shield is made of mostly solid iridium. It has both technological and magical tags that make it near impossible to duplicate and easily verified if required. All members full or part time are issued a badge.

    When touched by the right person the badge shows a holographic id card for that person. It will not work in the wrong hands and is a technomagical effect.

  • Super Suits: All members that desire it are equipped with magical instant change super suits designed to withstand their particular circumstances. Stone Mountain gets really big. Suzy is too strong and fast for the average set of clothing. Other circumstances vary.

    The super suit is put on, and then dismissed, you are nude. Put on your normal clothing. When the super suit is summoned your regular clothing is exchanged with the super suit. Once the need is ended reverse the process. Your civies are clean and undamaged.

    Each member of the DSH gets a super suit made to their specifications as to style cut and appearance. Even if you have a thing for yellow spandex. To date the DSH has no uniform standards. The Iridium badge is the only identifying mark.

  • Watch/Communicators: Also supplied are the super watches. These devices were brought in by Suzy and Molly. They were instantly seen as the good idea they are. The watches have been duplicated technologically updated, and are distributed to all members full and part time. They aid in communication, location and broadcast the general health of a wearer to other wearers. (Yes a licensed bluetooth replica is available for fan-types to buy and wear.) 

    The watches have three emergency buttons - one is a physiological telemetry meter - if blood pressure and respiration suddenly drop to unconscious levels then the watch sends an alert. If the watch is broken or damaged or removed from the wearer it sounds an alert (If damaged based on the last known location). And there's an alert button. you slap that and it means "I'm fucked, please rescue me."

    The main technological updates are the smart functions. The watches can access the internet or the cell phone network. They have voice command capacities. You can get a criminal record, search goggle maps, or get a pizza delivered. Several additional sensors can be attached to the watches as well from simple gas detectors, microscopes, or even a whole Tricorder. The main functional limiter is the small screens.

Current MembersEdit

  • Atomic Andy: AKA Andrew Armstrong Flying brick. -- Andy wears blue with a white circle on his chest that has a Red "A" with electrons flying around it. He frequently pairs with Kalvin.
  • Basha: An ancient mage. Part time. Professor of Ancient Studies Mystkonic University. A recovered Lich from the time of Nebuchadnezzar II. - Her usual working outfit is a Babylonian gown deal, bare breasts. No matter what she wears, in more mundane situations she dresses in Conservative business fashion, she has her cleavage bare to show her holy mark.
  • Collision Raccoon -- Dimensional inversion from a future alternate Earth. Density shifter, speedseter. He looks vaguely raccoonish, but not Tanuki like.
  • Conner Blackmane: Director. Very powerful mage and blaster. -- Mr "Institutional Suit". If he goes D&D hero type you are in it deep.
  • Fairy Godfather -- AKA Clarence Reamer. Normally a whip cord thin black male Human. Frankly a demigod. He can shape change to anything. He sees your sins. Mostly goes around nailing corrupt politicians, a full time job. Dresses as Baron Samedi without the facial makeup if a super suit is required.
  • Nick Blum: "The Sleeper" Magical dream powers. He can conjure reality from his dreams. We are not sure how to use him, but he needs training to not be a danger. He also has random things he didn't know pop into his head. -- Pajamas? He doesn't do field work.
  • Theresa Gonzalas: A woman with Dragon Wings. Can "Hulk Out" and become very strong and tough.
  • Hell Boy: AKA "Red". Supernatural Brick a reformed noble devil. -- No real super looking suit. He favors a trench coat, slacks and t-shirt. He has super versions. He is a bad influence on Thor.
  • Freida Horgerson: AKA The Thunder Daughter Medium brick with various magical abilities. -- She wears a white and gold "Valkyrie" super suit.
  • Raymond Inez: A human torch. Human bonded to a Fire Elemental. Refugee from The House that Jack Built. Also god blood, Apollo this time.
  • Tom Manning: Anything but super under director.
  • Molly Wallingford : Outsider Brick, came in with Suzy. Shirts, cargo pants and super boots.
  • Abe Sapiens: Supernatural investigator, aquatic specialist, psychometric. -- Wet suit, it keeps the wet in.
  • Liz Sherman: Pyrokenetic. New York Lair. Married to Red -- Red spandex that is fire proof. She likes the super suits.
  • Bruce Signs: "The Ogre" Super strong brick and physicist. He works with Strange. Hyper Dimensional weirdness by day, break things by night. He is an expert in the meta planer sciences. Shorter and broader than Stone Mountain, also green. He wears super shorts, in tan.
  • Spiderman: Cory McBride an early breakout victim. Brick, sticks to walls. -- We licensed the name form Marvel. the Look too.
  • Dr. Steven Strange -- Bureau 13 mage, medical Doctor. Strange is cold, he does not play well with others. He is lacking in empathy, and is uncaring of the feelings of those around him. Tiger Lily blunts this to a great degree,
  • Stone Mountain: AKA Dr. Terry Jones. The Brick of Bricks. Biochemist at the Warp Drive Project. -- His super suit is the world's toughest wrestling singlet. It is not purple.
  • Joe Sunday -- Investigator, super mundane. He is actually painful for mages to be around.
  • Thor -- Yes, the Æsir god of Thunder. Red hair, beard, and shimmering armor, hammer of course. Mega damage brick. He is a bad influence on Hell Boy.
  • Tiger Lily -- Tiger exotic woman, a plantigrade light brick. She lives with Steven Strange. else. Strange came home with her one day, origin unknown beyond that. They live together, Tiger Lily is impulsive, and quick to anger. Strange blunts this. She wears a substantial bikini and not much else. She wears a belt of clothing mundanely.
  • The Valkyrie -- Brunhilde, also an Aesir. Apparently a real Valkyrie. Works with Strange. Her core competency is a light brick. She is also a decent detective and police operative. Like Thunder Daughter she waves a sword around. She is respectful of Freida. Her outfit is similar to Freida, less skirt with blue and silver.
  • Suzy: Flying Brick or "Supergirl" She wears the typical super spandex with a utility belt.
  • Kalvin Watterson: Suzy's bother. Recently recovered from "The House that Jack Built". He leverages the Journalist when not "being super". Everyone needs a hobby. Super Suit similar to Suzy. Dashing cape mandatory.
  • Wayko: Light Alien regenerating Brick, He has police experience. -- A super cop uniform.
  • Vitto Giarelli - Speedster, regenerates. Based in New Jersey, Late 40s in age, looks mid 20s
  • Gina Giarelli - Speedster, regenerates. Based in New Jersy, Vitto's Mom, was a little girl in Rome during WWII.  Looks about mid 20s 

Not Members but can be contactedEdit

  • Amelia -- Molly's daughter. Moving more into Heroing.
  • Anthony -- A god. He does not like to throw his weigh around. It is dangerous for the magical stability.
  • Various Members of Astral Flame.
  • Timothy Blackmane -- Private contract material and macro kinetic. He can be called on for training or material aid. He makes the force pistols.
  • Helenanna -- Centaur, Epic level warrior and cleric. She will aid if she is in the area.
  • Raphael -- Outsider magical blaster with extras. He is contactable and will aid in off the books rescues and the like. Former Murder Hobo. He can get very violent. He doesn't wear much of anything.
  • Jerry Saille -- Death resistance, medical Doctor, telepath. Has not seen much action except disaster scenes.
  • Dr. James Smythe -- Mage, immortal. Mainly a resource, he no longer does field work. A master of divination, detection, and knowledge of occult beasts and matters.
  • Mark Zeloplous -- Meta grade Magician. He is like Freida, god blood, in his case Zeus.
  • Sven, Thor and Svenn , Norway's Favorite Super Heroes.  Sometimes in Los Angeles being D list celebrities. Not usually available.
  • C.K. Dragon - Small Dragon, Psionic.  Non-Human set of priorities. Usually works as a comptroller for Anthony, but can be bribed or coerced into helping with cases, under the right circumstances. Possessive of Suzy, Molly and Amelia. It is leverage to get him to do things.
  • Starry Windchilde -- Will aid in divination and where her magic is useful. She is most defiantly not a combat monster. Defect weather, learn stuff, heal people. (She is an available contractor, not a sworn officer.)

Minors Being GroomedEdit

  • Calvin O'uisce - Born 2010. Meta with an ability to fly and animate objects. Some times very complexly, see below. Calvin is the poster child for ADHD, super smart and very easy to bore to death. He is now enrolled in Blackmane Academy. He has an on-going mentoring with Kalvin Watterson.
  • Hobbes A small tiger that typically walks on two legs and is Calvin's constant companion. A stuffed tiger. A toy Calvin has poured so much energy into that it is now alive and intelligent. Azerach classes him as a free willed golem.