An antique shop in Vista City. The owner, Louis Vondradees had a deal with evil forces to sell cursed artifacts. Vondradees died, after arranging for the deaths of his relatives.

The VCPD PCs had discovered the existence of the artifacts and began a campaign to retrieve the artifacts. There were one hundred specific items, five of them were stolen soon after Vondradees' death.

There was a catalog of the various items. When all 100 were gathered together Hell must take then back. Meanwhile they kept trying to get away.

The Store was closed and under the control of Bureau 13. A vault in the basement, magically protected and blessed, held the so far captured items.

The Cursed Items HeldEdit

  • A Colt .41 Navy revolver. Kill an innocence and make your next shot with hellish accuracy.
  • A Saint Christopher's Medal, when smeared with the blood of an innocent, it will turn any vehicle that it is attached to invulnerable for a short period of time.
  • An 1860's nautical compass. When the blood of an innocent victim is smeared on it, a ship will be transported through mysterious fog to its destination without passing through the intervening space.
  • A Wagon Wheel. When an innocent is tied up to the wheel and then killed, anyone within one hundred feet of the wheel is transported two hundred and fifty years into the past.
  • A stereopticon camera. Take a picture and steal someone's soul. It will make you young and healthy while making the victims extremely suggestible. (EGO/Will = 0)

Cursed Items Not Recovered but KnownEdit

  • A baroque style Victorian hanging mirror. Kill an innocent and see the future.
  • A beautiful diamond necklace. It will make anyone that wears it your willing slave.


In December 2011 Derry's Antiques burned to the ground. Totally, every stick, brick, and block of the building was utterly destroyed. The vault, the artifacts, everything.

Investigation proved that the fire was anything but normal. It burned for less than five minutes. Witnesses saw it go up like it was made of flash paper. Nothing else was even scorched.

Those connected with the shop, Angelo Mancuso in particular felt a sudden release and a wash of purity.

As of yet no one knows the fate of the artifacts or the cause of the fire. Most involved would rather not know.

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