The Goal

Building by the ESA this station located near Tycho crater. Critics claim the ESA is simply demanding a pool of their own to mess in rather than adding to the science stations currently in place.

Critics aside the station is building on. The ESA is looking for a different dynamic than the current bureaucracy heavy Tranquility Science Station, the geekotopia of the Far Side Observatory, or the pure pleasure palace that is the Virgin Diana Resort. The stated goal is a city on the moon. Not just scientists but civilians in a full self-sustaining city.

So far the place is closer to geektopia. An overgrown construction shack and a few scientists in cans of air. However they are working on it. The experimental farms are currently working. They do not yet have enough food for self sustaining the colony but with the addition of carniculture they are 80% there. The first three crops of trash grass and soybeans were plowed into the ground. They now have soil that will grow food crops. Hydroponics was rejected as too dependent on materials that must be shipped from Earth.

The main physical difference from other stations is that the ESA is concentrating on underground construction. They are endeavoring to use as much of the Moon itself as possible to both structure and protect the city. As one needs lights half the month in any case why not lights all the time? Full spectrum lamps a must. (The case everywhere.)

The central dome is finished and the main arms are right behind it. The goal is families by 2013. Bidding for businesses has started and there is a waiting list of possible residents.

The last item in the station charter is the revolution. The station charter calls for self governance. Once the station has 10,000 residents and is producing its own food, they are cut free of Earth control. As the ESA representatives explain; "The colonial era is over. We wish to seed the stars with self sustaining, self governing populations. We will start on the Moon."

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