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El Nanth is the home star of the Ane. A blue white dwarf, about four times the mass of Sol is the sun of this system. A class M world is untypical of such stars. A fact that Ane point to as further evidence of their created rather than evolved nature.

The El Nanth system is the largest artifact known in the galaxy. The six worlds orbit the sun in the same orbit equidistant from each other. Five of the worlds are teraformed, only the largest, Savanna, is not teraformed. It is also recorded as the only world in the rosette that was originally in this orbit. Common names for the six worlds are clockwise from Savanna looking down from the solar north; Savanna, Veldt, Aurora, Meadow, Eliyssum, and Glade. The Rosette has an orbit of 3.2 standard Earth years. Axial tilt is only 2 degrees, and the orbit is round. This means that the Rosette has no seasons. Climate runs from tropical to temperate at the poles. The Ane don't live around the poles much.

According to the Ane the Rosette is a work commissioned 760,000 years ago in exchange for ideas the Builders had no insight into. The Ane will not speak of exactly who the Builders are. This was part of the agreement they made with them.

The total Ane population at El Nanth is approximately ten billion. The Ane move in herds of varying size. Except for the partly ruined Crystal City the rest of the planets are totally natural. No effort is expended on "improving" the land. Vast trackless plains broken by seas, lakes, forest bands, and mountains.

A phenomenon noted on all six El Nanth worlds are the terminator thunderstorms. A broken band of storms that follows the terminator as the world rotates. Not every place on the planet gets nit every day. Indeed they usually only cover 30% of the terminator on any given night depending on current weather conditions. The storms come and pass quickly, staying with the terminator. Ane in the path will usually teleport out of the way. They have no fondness for getting rained on.

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