AKA Clarence Reamer. One term reform city councilor in New Orleans prior to Hurricane Katrina. In City Council he got exactly nothing done. The old guard shut him up and shut him down. They liked corruption as usual.

He dropped off the political or any radar shortly after the storm. In 2013 he turned up as "Fairy Godfather" (self named) a vigilante using magic and old fashion force to remove people he considered harmful to the community. The MO included murders in which the dead victims delivered themselves to authorities. Terror was the obvious reason.

He was briefly held in custody, but escaped, presumably using magic to do so. He was dresses like Baron Samedi without the facial makeup. He is a tall and slender black man. There are plenty of photos available.

He has a noted crush on Suzy Waterson. The affection is not shared.

He is considered armed and highly dangerous. He will use magic offensively. The extent of his abilities are not known. He got out a jail cell with ease after being re-searched, and issued a prison jumper.

See: Vista City Big Uneasy Cop Crisis.

Fairy Godfather was brought in again, this time he gamed the system. It seems he can see your sins. He destroyed the prosecutors' offices of both New York and New Orleans with allegations of corruption that had teeth. Even with clear evidence of his crimes, no one was clean enough to touch him. His crimes were dismissed with prejudice provided he joined the DSH.

His madness was finally addressed. Suzy told him that if he saw Julian, she would go on a date. Clarence came out of the encounter sane and with the power of a demigod.

Somewhere in the Bayous he had partly merged with a Loa, a divine of semi-divine being venerated in Voodun rites. The connection was not total, it was driving him mad. Julian corrected it.

Fairy Godfather is one of the most feared of the DSH heroes. Not from strength or stunning power, but fgor his ability to see your sins. He doesn't chase down super villains, he haunts courts and state houses, usually shape changed as someone else, then he arrests people.

It is his opinion that the worse criminals in society are not robbing banks, they are running them, or in office.

He and Suzy are currently dating. When not mad he cleans up pretty good.

Attributed CrimesEdit

  • Five Gang members murdered and their bodies turn themselves in.
  • Kathria DeBoes fake Voodoo "Queen" murdered likewise.
  • Mickey Bono found in a canal was a small time hood with a big ego.
  • Bobby Gelanglo Known alleged drug wholesaler. Dead of torture overdose. Heroin was his main stock in trade.
  • Attacked DSH members in a failed get away. One Officer wounded with a booby trap.
  • Glen Peck Swallowed by a giant frog (rescued) and latter tormented with a giant frog illusions.