Far side base

Main Complex

The Far Side Observatory is run jointly by the Warp Drive Project and The Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). They share residence and recreation facilities as well as fights to and from the lab.

The base has space for 100 researchers and staff. The base is comfortable well padded cave with all the comforts of home they can stuff into it. With Earth mere hours away at worst the sense of isolation has never set in the way psychologist thought it would. When you can bribe an Ane with a crate of radishes to get you to 7-11 for a Slurpee and fresh movies, how isolated are you really?

Primary power is supplied by a GE fusion plant. Communication is handled by a series of satellites in lunar orbit. Like the Tranquility Science Station and the Virgin Diana Resort the Far Side Observatory has Ane in residence to provide an anchor for teleportation back to Earth.

The art of Gary Larson is featured throughout the station.


JPL runs the large and getting larger observatory farm. Telescopes, optical, radio, and high energy are clustered each in their own area protected by the walls of convenient craters both from each other and the Warp Drive Project's high energy experiments. The staff sees to the maintenance of the telescopes and the occasional addition of another one when required. It is dull, dangerous, very highly paid work. The actual observations are controlled from Earth; programing and analysis happens there.


The Warp Drive project runs the antimatter refineries well away from anything and the matter-antimatter reactor project, again away from anything else. Unlike the Observatories all work done in high energy reactions is done right from the Moon. The speed and reaction time of the experimenters cannot afford the leisurely quarter second time delay to get a signal to Earth and the quarter second back. While the work is done remotely it is a mater of miles separating them from their experiments, not a mater of a quarter million.

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