As the Crew of Project High Ground flew the newly acquired Gadget back to Earth they had a quick look around with the sensors. One thing of note was the large starship cruising the edge of the Solar System

After some conversation back and forth Galan, in command of the ship in question agreed to make contact "for real". They would orbit and she would come to the White House.

So informed the White House staff went into overdrive. With an hour to prepare for the biggest event in Human history. First Contact with an alien species. Embassies were contacted, food was acquired. As the news got out that the aliens were landing at the White House a crowd started to form around the White House fence. Kiss, scheduled to perform nearby moved all their sound gear onto the South Lawn.

By the time the sonic boom announced the eminent arrival of the shuttlecraft a rocking party was in progress all around the White House. Live TV was broadcasting to every corner of the world. Said world was coming to a stop as the news from the United States caught people's attention. We Are Not Alone.

Silence stole over the whole gathering as the shuttle set down. The door opened and Galan stepped out. She was covered in a glittering net of jewels and had decoration in her ears and her horns. Still the silence continued, puzzled, this was the alien? Not Gort, not little green men? She greeted the President and the assembled Ambassadors. We are not alone.

The party spasmed back to life as the news was broadcast around the world. The glittering reception amazingly free of Hollyweird types continued long into the night.

Galan made no promises. She explained that she was part of a different place. A parallel universe. Her kind existed here. They could be found. But she would not speak for them. Humans needed to build their own starships. To make their own way into the stars. They had the means.

President Josiah Bartlett took Steven Ashby aside. He got chided and congratulated for the successful Project High Ground. Bartlett set up the parameters for the Warp Drive Project and put Steve change of it.

Making her apologies Galan left with the final word that Humanity needed to put together. To deal with the stars Humanity need a united face.

We Are Not Alone....

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