As in get out of the cradle.

This formal movement is a strong proponent of an as massive as possible move toward space and other worlds. They are flogging for government control of any project in that direction. It is their firm belief that only government inefficiency can properly move man into his future in space.

They are desperately trying to get the United Nations to pay attention in a nice fuzzy socialist manner which is how eggheads with no real world experience think of socialism. "It would work if the lousy capitalists would stop and let it!" They are divided over whether it shall be a socialist cow orkers paradise or a technocratic scientific communism. They make lots of plans and have beautiful art, but no funding. They have considerable traction with Team Pinko. Pity Team Pinko has little political traction.

The groups main goals as stated:

  • Peaceful (weaponless) expansion into space guided by a firm and loving hand of government. They are hard line against any sort of weapon being used in space. Even hand weapons. They lobby constantly on this point. Weapons shoot people and are scary and need to be restricted and then outright banned.

    They have lost this point on all fronts. The Corps of Discovery ships are armed some very heavily. The Vergaris raid and the Qzin demonstrated that people out there are not responsible to our ideals.

  • Government control and regulation of all space access.

    They are already seriously losing on this point. Private enterprise is moving out ahead of them. The Document of Consent of the United Parties of Olympic City was a monster spike in the coffin of that idea.

  • Space should not be used for profit. Profit bad, only government should be in space. Everyone knows no government has ever turned a profit.

    Nasty evil business out there not listening again.


They are pushing these goals in an increasingly shrill kumbya manner. They want Kenya, Aruba and Singapore stopped because they allow anyone with money to get into space. They have sent strong letters to the owners of Heinlein Station. All of the above are ignoring them. The United Nations needs to DO something!

The Corps of Discovery is already in the stars and beholden to no government. They have yet to come to the realization that while the dream is realized their vision is not.

Frankly this group is historical and has not realized it yet. They still hold meetings and write letters. They are as relevant as flat earthers.

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