One of Tony's lunch spots. A small place about two blocks from the VCPD. Counter, ten tables. Italian country cooking, real Italian county cooking so good you speak Italian after eating there. Tony actually grows an Italian accent that doesn't sound put on when he walks in the door. Anthony has taken to eating there as well.

Geovelli's Italian Kitchen is open Monday through Friday 11 to 8. They are busiest at lunch time.

  • Francois Geovelli -- Owner and cook. The guy can cook and cook to please anyone. Good stick to the ribs real Italian food, not the stuff Olive Garden is pushing.
  • Marko Pirrio -- Former mob soldier being good under the threat of re-ratting. A powerful incentive. He works full time as a waiter and is good at it.
  • Maria Geovelli -- General manager and Mamma. She runs the place while Pappa cooks. This lady is tough as flint and packs heat. One would be robber is very glad she switched to a phaser.

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