An inter dimensional nexus with a strong malevolent streak. It usually manifests as a strange house of usual properties. The majority of the knowledge about the House comes from Suzy Watterson and Molly.

The usual trap is to lead you to places not really in the house that is not in that dimension then trap the person in a series of endless rooms and hallways. Food can usually be found. The house doesn't like to kill its toys.

No one is ever sure that the place they leave the house is the same one they entered.

Known LocationsEdit

666 Duybukk AveEdit

A Victorian house of upper middle class nature with way too many weird things and ghosts. Located in Vista City. Ca, USA, Earth


The Vista City Puzzle House as it has been called is currently encased in a created dome of granite with one entrance. That entrance is heavily locked. Within the dome the effect of a device called the "Warlock's Wheel" that sucks the magic out of an area (just under the size of the dome.) is in operation. We are told that the center of the effect is a zone that not even life can exist in. Only a primal being would live long enough to turn the thing off.

Kalvin Waterson was recovered from the House. So were a number of mongol warriors, and a number of artifacts and dead people.

Ugarden ManorEdit

AKA Weird Manor. A dungeon historically known for its off the wall nature and strong sense of unreality. It is known to move around once a given location has been exhausted. It is currently outside of the walled city of Seahaven, Eyrian Empire, Greyhawke.


Ugarden Manor has had the defining curse broken by the Astral Guild. We are informed that this freed the trapped souls of those that died in the place. However something still holds the house at its current location. Delving into the depths to find it is wildly dangerous. Ungarden Manor also remains a source of Dimensional inversions. the Astral Guild has been keeping an eye on it.

Magics are deeply imbedded that keep the house intact. It resists damage, cannot burn, and deliberate damage repairs itself over time.

A large number of persons were taken from Ugarden Manor including Raphael's wife Felicia and two of her children. The house has produced everything from stuffy spacemen to Nazi rats. Yea they were rats.

Note: Abba Sanctuary is not the House that Jack Built. It is something else. The Multiverse is not that tidy.

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