The Icon is the Ane name. Ane to not identify themselves with a sound to each other, the names Joban, Lindalan and so forth are conveniences for non telepaths. The whole suffix thing -ban for males and -lan for females is an old Ansisi custom and does refer to gender. Ane stick with it. On some level it amuses them. A literal translation of "-ban" is "boy-people with four legs" and "-lan" is "girl-people with four legs".

The Icon itself is the telepathic name. A thought concept of the person's "I", how they see themselves. It evolves over time. As a person grows they develop the Icon as they develop themselves. The Icon of the young tends to be a short sharp thought "ME!", while that of an elder will be complex and rich in content.

The Icon along with the Aspect are the two parts of the Ane person.