Jedi are a supposedly fictional order of magical warrior priests that kept galactic order in a Galaxy far. far away.

That is until Favel fell through a crack in the universe. Jedi are now real, and it seems that in some parts of the galaxy have been for a few centuries.

Favel is teaching his discipline to others so as to pass it on and spread the load. He finds himself in high demand as a locator, and dispatcher, of ancient evils.

Jedi work by accessing the life/death energy of the Galaxy, something they call "the Force". They have an extensive mythology (which Favel mostly ignores) on the meaning of the light side and the dark side. Greyhawke magicians would call it vivamancy and necromancy. Favel is teaching a fairly mechanical approach to the Force rather than mystical.

Currently he has taught one class of Jedi holding the primary lessons on Vulcan. Yes the Vulcans got a student in there too.

The other known location when Jedi have been found is Vich Ar, a world we are now in contact with. It seems that Favel was not the first Jedi to fall into a crack. They are considered a near legendary class of heroes on Vich Ar.

Known JediEdit

  • Favel -- of course
  • Asoka Tano -- A Tagruta woman Favel managed to rescue with some help.
  • David Wainwright -- Bureau 13 and Weretiger
  • Miko Onika -- Walked on a plane in Japan, walked off in Vista City after several changes of aircraft. Showed up at Favel's place looking for training. Did I mention she was 12 and had no money, passport, or tickets?
  • Joesph Forrester -- Young fellow from Georgia.
  • Wilma Forrester -- The World's most frustrating Mother.
  • Storn -- When Favel started the class on Vulcan the Vulcans wanted a student too.
  • Giliaya Avon Ak -- Vicarrian Jedi, still on Vich Ar.