Male Singer. Sultry, dark eyed, angst filled, baritone crooner that was an instant sensation in 2004 through 2008. Few singers have created this sort of enthusiasm since the Beatles. His popularity has slacked off the teeny bopper set. However his records are still popular with the same women, once girls, that were mooning over him to start with. His music has aged along with himself and his songs matured away from the tenny bopper angst he started with.

Jerome Devlin fronts an acoustic band. He has a stage presence that convinces each and every girl he sings for her alone. Unlike many pop singers he does sing and sing well.

Mikki Ashby spent six months mooning over him. She even talked her mother into a concert. Jennifer Ashby had to admit there was something there. She briefly considered packing him off to an undisclosed location.

Jerome and his band are still playing the coffee house circuit. While his music does well on the indy market he is not top forty material, nor does he seek to be. Devlin is cut a deal with Blackmane Productions. A deal that favors him and the band getting more of the money. They can live on the music.

The BandEdit

  • Jerome Devlin AKA Jeremy Danial Devin: Good voice and decent romantic songwriter. Highly charismatic. Plays rhythm guitar, lead singer.
  • Peter Farrel: Lead Guitar. He is to guitar what Jerome is to song. Backup vocals.
  • Mary Summer: Mandolin, back up vocals.
  • Denise Farrel: rhythm, back up vocals. Boran, bongos, she doesn't use a traditional drum set.
  • Mark Walter: Pipes, ulian, penny whistle, recorder,


  • Jerome -- Traditional romantic folk songs and three original works. Well received.
  • In the Garden -- All original work. Nothing earth shattering unless you can sing it right. Heavy on the teen angst.
  • New Moon -- More of the highly romantic bosom heavers.
  • The Lover's Soul -- Yep, you guessed it.
  • Troubadour -- A bit lighter, nearly angst free. Considered the best album to date.
  • Fairy's Call -- A revisit to traditional material, about half original works. Quality does not slack off.
  • Distant Lands -- A double album of Greyhawken material. Elven and Human music from Greyhawke. The first album that doesn't have his own writing on it. "No room." he said.
  • Two Hearts -- All the romantic ballads that didn't get on the last album. All original work.

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