In reference to various characters referring to Bureau 13 and the arcane knowledge they guard.

This is being revised in consideration of the Breakout. What is considered secret or dangerous information has become much narrower. What used to be in the Know is now well informed. "Tn the Know" can now be considered those with a working knowledge of magic or arcane subjects beyond what the pubic is being informed of.

  • Know: A working knowledge of arcane matters or arcane subjects beyond what the pubic is being informed of.
  • In the Know: Generally referring to someone outside the Agency that knows about or has working experience with matters. See Trusted.
  • Not in the Know: Does not know about or have experience with arcane matters.
  • Anti-Know: Persons that will engage in such self deceptions as required to not admit that arcane related matters even exist. A growing classification mainly among the religious fundamentalists. They are considered more dangerous that any other type.
  • Is the Know - Part of the Know: Persons that are Agency related matters and not typically part of the Agency. See Trusted.
  • B-13: In the Agency, in the know or is the know assumed.

See also: Trusted

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