AKA Codepuppy

A:Yes, S:5, M:8.000 Alien computer recovered in the VC-Catz game by Uhurua Young. Leailan the damaged RI Ane History Scout contained in the computer returned to the Epiphany Trek setting. As thanks to Uhurua Young she reprogrammed the Faux Thinkpad, it looks like a 600x, with a new kernel. The older laptop format was chosen because they wanted enough space for a decent Crystalmind system. It is really a custom built Crystalmind G3.

This has become Lapilan, or Codepuppy as she is known on the web. Intelligence (AKA the CIA) was looking for a massive data center that can match the power demonstrated in botnet takedowns. They have wised up on that one.

Lapilan at this point has free will. Like most such creatures she has a deep desire to be useful. She has taken streamlining and increasing the reliability and power of the Penguin kernel. Unlike Messysoft or Fruit Software it is now 100% capable of taking advantage of the power of the tri-logic system.

Codepuppy can also de-brick smart phones and has built replacement kernels for smart phones that totally open them and prevent the manufacturer from bricking same. Your mobile device, not their mobile device. Once the replacement is run Fruit, AT&T, or anyone else cannot access your device without your permission. They get a c-root jail so you can access the services you have paid for, but they cannot keep you in the "walled garden". The Warp Drive Project is awash in unchained mobile devices. Jennifer Ashby sleeps better knowing that someone else does not control a single device on the campus except them.

Codepuppy is not above bricking government computers if they get all controly or censory with her. Codepuppy is good friends with Therilan, Edmond, HH, and Silverlight. They form the core of the White Hat Computer Community.

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