Lesmilan s an Aneilog , a sub species of the Ane. ("Only some of us are subs and only if you ask nicely.")

She is native to Coventry. She has moved to Earth to help support the ADF and the Corps of Discovery Her intention for moving to Earth is to be an Ane with hands for the native Earth population of Ane. Lesmilan joined the Corps of Discovery because she is one of the curious, extroverted Aneilogs, and wants to go see and find out, before she settles down in Kenya with the main Ane Herd there.

Lesmilan is a Healer both of the psionic and of the medically trained variety. Because of the way the Aneilogs work healing there is no difference between a person healer and an animal healer. She heals anything that needs healing..

When she moved to Earth, Lesmilan discovered Cybernetics and was fascinated. Aneilogs cannot tolerate the addition of cybernetics to their bodies. They must regenerate or do without and enhancements must be external. But humans blur the lines between themselves and their tools, which Lesmilan finds philosophically and technically fascinating. She has become a knowledgeable, if inexperienced cybernetics doctor, a specialty that is beginning to fade with the introduction or organ culturing on Earth.

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