LexCorp is a holding company owned by Alexander Joseph Luthor. A Ruthless type A go getter on the order of Steve Jobs. The kind of man that does not take "no" for an answer. He is also the company's chief stockholder.

Luthor is known for his frequent brushes with the regulatory types in government. No indictments have ever been filed. More than a few people are of the opinion they should have been filed, more than once. Luthor remains the Teflon man.

Due to the very public nature of his power and wealth Luthor is not considered a candidate for membership in King's Row.

LexCorp is currently under a blind trust while Luthor serves as President as per the laws of the land.


  • Far Horizon Aerospace -- Personal transport to starships.
  • Luthor Labs -- A pure research facility with a multi-dicipline approach to basic research. Wonders are expected.
  • Neuron Computers -- Tri-logic computer systems and software. They sell complete systems in both Winders and Penguin. They also build massive mainframe AI systems. They claim to have AI in the box.
  • Next Medical -- Pursuing all aspects of medical technology.

    Next Pharmaceutical -- Seeking better drugs to aid humanity. Their latest anti AIDs drug comes close to making life normal for those that are HIV positive. They just rolled out an Ebola vaccine. They are testing a blood replacement fluid currently.

    Next Medical Technology -- Making bio beds, regeneration tanks and other high tech medical gear to improve the lives of Sentients.

  • Sun Fusion -- The newest in the LexCorp stable. They are turning out fusion power plants in every size range from the kilowatt to the gigawatt. They are also making impulse engines in a multitude of sizes.
  • War God Limited -- War God Limited is a mining supply, ore purchase, and transportation concern on Mars, and expanding into the asteroid belt. Their Earth base is out of Aquarius Station.