Louden Wainwright III Is Suzy's Ex-Husband and Kelly's Father. Imagine Bruce Wayne but with no overwhelming goal.

He is a Were Panther and gains superhuman abilities from this. He was born rich and has stayed that way through no particular effort on his part. Wainwright is a skilled martial artist and combatant and when someone asks for it, he enjoys kicking their ass.

Wainwright occasionally stumbles into wrongs that need righting, or quests that need questing, but is more interested in hanging out and having a good time. A former adrenaline junkie, time has calmed him down quite a bit.

Wainwright was a football in Were Cat politics on the east coast, because many Were Cats felt his fortune would be nice to control. Other people were under the misapprehension that if rich, Wainwright must be important. Being important is something Wainwright assiduously avoids.

Since the end of his marriage to Suzy Waterson, he has enjoyed a long succession of short term relationships with female werecats. These usually do not end well.

Louden's Relationship with Kelly and David is strained due to his relentless lack of seriousness about anything.

Louden's parents died when he was a teenager, for perfectly reasonable natural causes.

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