Magical Antelopes is the name given the Ane that are working in the shredded remnants of China. Magical Antelopes cash in on the Chinese reverence for a similar creature, the Qilin or Ki-rin. they dispense advice and lend protection from aggressive forces to the villages and towns they are aiding. Like Masikanietu they obscure the location and those looking to control or coerce can drive through the village time and time again and never realize it's the right village.

Recently they are working within the Collegium Arcane to further the cause of magic awareness on Earth in general. The threat that is Breakout will affect everyone.

The Ane MagicianEdit

The Ane along every other sophant have the capacity for magic. Ane wizards can live for centuries. They have become masters of the subtle alteration and illusion. Mages that have leaned to get the most out of the least effort.

The Ane specialize in the magics of deflection. They turn attention away, or conversely make something highly attractive. They make things appear to be something they are not. With magic these illusions are given a substance that telepathy alone cannot achieve. Nothing quite as dramatic as a Wiley Coyote painted tunnel, but they can make illusions you can stumble over and interact with. Their longest running illusion has been to hide themselves and Masikanietu in plain sight.

They deal in subtle real alterations as well. Combined with their psionic healing they can in time rebuild your body into something else entirely. They willingly use this to correct birth defects and to restore shattered bodies.

By itself the psionic healing can only replace what the body remembers having had. This is fine for a reconstruction, worthless for a cleft palate. While the most advanced healers have the ability of flesh shaping Ane can't do it. It requires at least a touch of telekinesis something they do not have. Hence the use of magic to overcome the limitation.

They can even alter gender to the DNA level. A male can become a female capable of breeding, and vice a versa. Their capacity in this matter is not general knowledge. They could also make someone over into a different person, changing height, facial structure and so forth. To date they haven't had a reason to do it.

In general the Ane Magician has not made a splash in the public conciseness, nor are they seeking to do so. They are willing and eager participants in the Collegium Arcane, if not the most public of them. There is one Ane magician, Magilan, who is one the Board of Governors for the CA.

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