Mamma Rhoda

Mamma Rhoda?

An enigma wrapped in a mystery. "Mamma Rhoda" is sometimes called the American Merlin. She is believed to be a black woman appearing to be of middle years. Tales are told, reports are made and you are always too late to meet her often by years.

The description, the name and the manner come up again and again, for at least the last two centuries, of a black woman of faith and great kindness that teaches and heals. If any name is dropped it is Mamma Rhoda. No agent has ever encountered Mamma Rhoda knowingly. We have no pictures. Only a description that varies too much to be useful. The only consistent elements are "black" and "woman".

It is perfectly possible we are dealing with a lineage. A secret society of black women that all call themselves Mamma Rhoda for whatever reason. The fly in that ointment is we never get simultaneous reports of Mamma Rhoda, and societies, no matter how small leave traceable tracks. Mamma Rhoda drifts though history trackless. A recollection here, a letter there. Indications she was present for as long as a decade, but when the Bureau comes calling, she is gone. For all we know we have spoken with her only to be misdirected.

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