One of the Brotherhood of the Apocalypse. Indited as part of the demonic bank robbers.

Fox was thoroughly despicable type that thought of only himself. He had no problem magically imprisoning women for his pleasure.

Fox laid a magical deadman switch that released incubi loose on the world. He send a 'gloating letter' to Alejandro Moody demanding his release from jail. It didn't work his way.

At the moment his summoning stature was destroyed Fox died in agony. The couple of inmates that saw him die said it looked like he was fighting off something trying to drag him through the floor.

The Gloating LetterEdit

Fuck you Moody,

By this point you are aware of the demons that have been attacking women. You are responsible for this. Indeed if I were not locked up in your little prison they would not be rampaging free.

Only I can perform the rituals that will stop the flow of demons, there will come more and more. The harder you do gooders work to staunch the flow the heavier it will become.

You will arrange for my freedom and my comfort in a style that pleases me. This done, I will perform the ritual. And be warned that I must need perform the ritual on a regular basis or the flow will start again.

There is no chance I will reveal anything about my methods of control or exactly what they control. I will willingly let the women of the world suffer rape and torture at the hands of fiends, and chuckle every night at the idea before I give you a fucking thing.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Marcus Fox

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