A deamon from the Greyhawke universe. This being arrived on VC-Prime some time in the past, date and time unknown and was apparently incapable of movement, being located in the Sinai desert. Jeremiah Stubbs on a wilderness retreat to get closer to God encountered this being and was possessed by him.

Jeremiah Stubbs attempted to use this power to destroy those women that could do magic (The Magic Plague). Agent Sonja Moody warned by a vision that proved true gathered other agents to seek the cause of the plague and to stop it.

Stubbs' plan backfired on him killing his wife, a woman of true faith, first. Stubbs fled into the desert to seek answers from the being he thought was god.

Agents perusing Stubbs arrived just as things were heating up. Agents shot Stubbs to prevent his stated attempt to use dominating magic on them. From his body rose Menhabaall.

The Deamon appeared as a ten foot plus humanoid with shaggy red hair and cloven hooves. It had black skin and a goat's head. It was slain by Coran the Golden, summoned by Papa Joe who had been given the means. This started the event known as The Healing Wave.

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