Mike's Bar is a typical low end blue collar meat market. It is usually good for at least one public disturbance call a week, usually on the weekend.

Physically Mike's is a freestanding building with clapboard sides and a 12:3 run pitched roof. There is an external pole mounted neon sign that says "Mike's Bar & Grill". the second "l" has not worked for years. The place has a sizable parking lot.

The interior screams 1975, careworn 1975 at that. There is even a poster of Farrah Fawcett-Majors on the wall. Vinyl booths, steel tables and chairs and an upholstered back bar. Many nygas died to decorate the place. The only thing you might save is the autographed picture of the Apollo 18 crew.

Mike keeps the place just to the right side of the building and health codes. He has never spent a cent more on maintenance than he has to.

The beer is typical American commercial brews. They have one craft beer, "Bear Wizz" that is made by Mike's brother in Oregon. The food is nothing remarkable in terms of burgers and other bar fare.

Mike's Bar & Grill came to prominence as the location of a murder by the Vampire Stalkers, right where everyone could see it. Ed Finch was one of the chief witnesses in this event. A teen that knew way way too much.


  • Mike O'Donald -- Skinflint bar owner. His unwillingness to upgrade the look keeps it low class.
  • "Frenchy" -- Real name not given, Bouncer at the Bar.
  • "Suzy" -- Bar Fly
  • Ed Finch -- High School kid that hung out in the parking lot with his friends. Since moved to much better things.

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