Near Space, Vista City Earth. 20 light year radius. (Map incomplete)

Important LocationsEdit

Alpha Centari +1,0,-4 -- Home system of the Kentari. Two planets Centari and Kent. In Contact

Andor -5,+3,+10 -- Home world of the Andorians. These are primitive people in a pre-industrial culture. Do not contact.

Dahr-ha-kel (82G Eridani) -9.-7,-7 -- Vulcan colony world. In Contact

Sol 0,0,0 -- Home system of Earth They is Us

Teller -6,-4,+2 -- Home system of the Tellerites In Contact

Vegaris +9,+9,-8 -- Orion world. The most advanced Orion would in Sol near space. In Contact

Vulcan (40 Eridani) -7,-14,-2 -- Home system of the Vulcans. In Contact

Near Space

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