Sara Hospital
The hospital replaces the aging Vista City General Hospital. Construction was complete in fall 2013.

Sara Founder is much smaller than the old Vista City General. Sara Founder is planned around the community’s actual needs not the expected fallout from the nuclear bombing of San Francisco.

Sara Founder Memorial Hospital takes advantage of all the new technologies coming on line. The ICU features bio beds for non-invasive monitoring. Cloning for organ replacement is available and tricorder imaging replaces CAT scans and MIR machines.

In this respect the new Sara Founder Memorial Hospital is a facility fortunately placed in time to benefit from the new technologies without having to retrofit for them.


  • Dr Ima Fraud -- Psychologist. She has a theory for everything, and it involved you Mother. (not in the know, not trusted)
  • Dr. Benjamen Carver -- General Internist, pediatrician, healer. He took over the practice of Dr. Detier Klaus on his retirement. Associated with the Hospital but does not work out of it. Carver is also a bonded Peace officer and FBI agent in Bureau 13. Part of the Know, B-13
  • Dr.Samuel Keptic -- Psychiatry. Not in the know, not trusted
  • Kelly Valjenko -- Doctor, Forensic Scientist, White Mage Cleric, Weretiger, adventurer and martial artist. B-13

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