This does not cover every possible forum and social media site possible. The number of specialized single interest sites number in hundreds if not more. Forums by the thousands. These are the major or wanabe major players.


Mentioned simply because a lot of people are looking for it, but it doesn't exist. If you find one, it's a troll site, run away. The All is not a computer site. Please stop looking for it. All the Ane on the datanet use the services below, like everyone else.

Disciple NetEdit

  • Status: Semi-Open
  • Users: Iran
  • Host: Mohammad’s Disciple

Easy to get into, hard to get out of. Officially the only social media allowed in the county. Heavily content censored for stuff the Koran forbids, not what the Fundies forbid.

It is gaining traction in other area of the world as well. Religious debate is lively and it times acrimonious. That doesn't get censored.

US intelligence has found they cannot have their own way here. Mohammad’s Disciple is good at security, and this is its house.


  • Status: Open
  • Users: General
  • Host: Self

Still the leading social site. Some people think the site has peaked. The next breakthrough in software evolution will leave it behind. Hasn't happened yet.

The Enlightenment Movement has a well used forum here cross posting to Freedom Net.


Facebrook for people that don't like to be contradicted. The site screens for "trolls" defined as anyone not spouting right wing, Christianist dogma. The profile has a place for your conversion date, this is required.

The site is the very definition of an echo chamber. There is no danger you will hear an opposed opinion, Or an intelligent one. Young Earth Creationists are a dime a dozen, Science deniers are the majority population in some form or another. Also anti reproduction rights, an anything other than straight, Saturday night, lights out, missionary position sex, and not too much of that either.

There is a sub forum of carefully couched hate in here. They speak the Christianist Cant and stay barely inside the terms of service. Well understood code words are used for the truly unpopular ideas or illegal actions.

Faithbook is also a hotbed of discussion for the End Times Movement

Freedom NetEdit

  • Status: Open
  • Users: General
  • Host: Self

One of the new kids on the block. It is part of a subspace network and devilishly hard to block if not impossible, It is an open fact that Freedom Net is run by the Ane Confederation.

It is frequently used in areas of oppression as a way to get real news and get their message out. It is one way to submit stories to FNN.

Freedom Net are not prudes. What consenting adults wish to wave around is the business of consenting adults.

The Enlightenment Movement has a well used forum here cross posting to Facebrook.

US law enforcement and intelligence has found Freedom Net a tough nut. It will not be backdoored, it will not roll over on secret bench warrants. John Doe subpenas by copyright trolls are ignored. "Not in the US" is the reply. Show harm or suck it. In spire of US governmental claims it is not a hotbed of illegal activity. OK harmful illegal activity. Anonymous governmental whistle blowers are rampant. They stay anonymous.

Indonesian "rebels" tried blocking the subspace networks in 2014, to disastrous results. The Ane Confederation declared this an act of war, gave the government one day to take the "rebel site", then blew the hell out of it from orbit.

Fruit OrchardEdit

  • Status: Closed
  • Users: Fruit Users
  • Host: Fruit Computers

Fruit's walled garden for Fruit devices only. And they highly recommend you never leave. Fruit is known to censor any complaints about the iFruit devices or the service itself. Big fruit is your friend, Big Fruit will watch over you. Trust Big Fruit. They are prudes too.

Goggle ParkEdit

  • Status: Open
  • Users: General
  • Host: Goggle

Pretty much the same deal as Facebrook. They are late to the party and just not catching on.

Goggle has been attaching everything they have to this service in a vain attempt to get people to sign up.

The Palace of Shining ThoughtEdit

Shǎn liàng de sīxiǎng gōng

  • Status: Open
  • Users: Chinese
  • Host: Da Long

A social media of philosophical thought. The main focus is on Confucian teaching, but other ideas are not rejected.

Run by the Huan AI Da Long the media is becoming a hot bed of ideas, both traditional and novel. It is starting to attract other users that are not Chinese, but enjoy philosophy with the gloves off.


Formerly Raygunnet

Conservative social media for conservatives only. Another echo chamber. A laughably bad one however. They have been plagued by trolls and liberals in conservative clothing since the site opened in 2013.

The trolling has prevented Rednet from gaining any traction. It has been twice shut down to "cleanse it of trolls". It is becoming a casebook study in why censorship does not work. No less than George Shrub Sr. was banned for being a liberal troll.

Ronnie Raygun sent them a Cease and Desist Order about his name. They can do as they please, but not with his name on it. It is almost a moot point.


The social site for researchers into the Galan Database. Everything in the files from the latest breakthroughs to how to build a flying car.

The social network is a seething hum of creative energy. The Corps of Discovery has a major forum here.


  • Status: Open
  • Users: Micro blogging
  • Host: Self

Very short messages and photos only. Highly popular. In some circles how many Twits you have following you is a matter of importance.


Mainly used by the Tanuki community. It is open to anyone. It is noted for the game forums. Some of the most active out there.

It is built on the same basic framework as Freedom Net. It also has a subspace connectivity.


  • Status: Open
  • Users: General
  • Host: Self

Before Facebrook there was YourSpot. Still in operation and slowly fading to obscurity.

Some of the more obscure on line communities have latched onto YourSpot because it has faded in popularity. No one thinks that is bringing it back.

The "Strong Skeptical" community has settled here. Magic is still Woo woo, divine power is a lie. In short the hard core atheists that will not change, don't understand what a skeptic is, but like to be called one.

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