Team Maroon is rightfully classed as a fringe party. they spend the majority of their time simply trying to get on the ballot, never mind getting anyone elected.

Political PhilosophyEdit

Anti-choice, anti-gun control, anti-tax, anti-immigration, anti-trade, anti-"New World Order," anti-United Nations, anti-gay rights, anti-alien, anti-welfare, anti-magic and anti-freedom of religion--for anything but theirs. So far to the right of Team Red as to be invisible from the Left, or to see it themselves. They are usually attacking Team Red moderates as "liberal leftists".


Christianists, religious intolerance freaks, Human supremacists, and people offended that you have ideas that differ from theirs. They don't trust the government, and want it to protect them from you.


Founded in 1999 to enable a run for president by Fred Wanabee. Fred desiring a chance at an actual win stuck with Team Red (didn't win). Team Maroon stumbled on without him. Since then Team Maroon has become a repository for reactionaries far too reactionary for Team Red.

Current EventsEdit

The Human First Party has been taking over Team Maroon to give them an acceptable platform from which to play national politics. The real agenda is not discussed much or pushed in public as it is highly unpopular right now. They'll see in time.

Noted PersonsEdit

  • Ozman Bundy -- Radio host on Christian stations of a less than giving characters. Preaches about Ghodd's Special Children and mildly rants about aliens taking over. Hits the Maroon talking points like a catechism. Pushes any politician that will back his view of Theocracy. Supports Ted Crude.

Other Political PartiesEdit

Team Maroon does not have the stage to itself. Also playing are:

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