Team Pinko is rightfully classed as a fringe party. They were utterly despised during the cold war era and haven't gained much traction since. Realists that they are they keep trying.

Political PhilosophyEdit

Trying to get enough traction to get candidates elected. Constantly chipping at the rules that keep them out of power.

Team Pinko claims to be students of Karl Marx. Everything should belong to the people and they are exactly the people you need to tell you how much of that you deserve. They differ from pseudo-socialists like Team Blue by being real socialists. Cradle to grave governmental oversight of every aspect of society, because it worked so well in the Soviet Union.


Academicians that haven't pulled their head out of their ass in 60 years. People with no power and no chance at the power. Poor people that want the rich to simply hand it over without any effort on their own part.


Started with the publication of The Communist Manifesto in 1848 and has gone downhill from there. Today they are mostly pushed on by their own sense of persecution.

Current EventsEdit

Events have not been kind to the Pinkos. Like a semi-truck running over an armadillo sort of not kind. Capital flows like water and people are making profit hand over fist. All they can do is weep into their locally sourced craft beer.

Noted PersonsEdit

  • Steward Alexander -- Straight on the socialist message. failed 2012 POTUS candidate. Slated to be a failed 2016 POTUS candidate too.

Other Political PartiesEdit

Team Pinko does not have the stage to itself. Also playing are:

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