Team Purple is rightfully classed as a fringe party. they spend the majority of their time simply trying to get on the ballot, never mind getting anyone elected.

Political Philosophy

Team Purple is for less government, and less of less government. The less government does for you the less it can do to you is their principle. They are all in favor of people helping each other. This is generally what differentiates real Team Purple from Team Red spoofing Team Purple while whoring for the Team Purple vote.


We would tell you, but none of them returned the survey.


We were told they have a direct genetic link to the guy in the American frontier that moved when he could see the smoke from his neighbor's house. We suggested better soot filter regulations and they kicked us out.

Team Purple does not tend to do well at the polls. A party of people that are rugged individualists is the moral equivalent of herding cats. They organize poorly, and rise to collective action even less well. This does leave them open to manipulation by Team Red and Team Maroon who will often don purple robes to disguise their true intentions. It also leaves non purples wary of Team Purple.

Current Events

Team Purple has been gaining traction based on outrageous action, other peoples' outrageous action. Team Red splintering, the rise of magic, and the cause of the oath of Nobel Obligation. The Sentient Rights Agreement makes them smile warmly. Aliens, especially Ane are helping them just by being there.

Noted Persons

  • Gary Johnstone -- The former Team Purple Governor of New Mexico. He does not attend church, is pro-choice, anti-big government, pro-immigration, an outspoken critic of the war on some drugs.
  • Byrion T. Rawlings --- Montana Senator 2013-2018 -- A raw boned, red necked rancher that has a low bullshit tolerance. In the 1980s he shot down a UFO with a nitro express. Caught the buggers red handed at cattle mutilation. This got him "in the know". Rawlings might have a red neck, but he also has a brain, and knows how to use it. Bureau 13
  • Damian Morgan -- California 2th District (Vista City) Added to Team Purples success in Vista City.
  • George Jones -- Texas 21st District Replaced incumbent Lamer Smith whose technology did not work.

Other Political Parties

Team Purple does not have the stage to itself. Also playing are: