Full title: The Coming Storm: An examination of Breakout and Revelations.

Author: Rev. William Randal Curtis DD

Published: 2015 Oral Robbers University Press

Format: Deadtree and e-book

Content: 'The Breakout is the coming time of tribulation, brothers get you ready. The book cites numinous parallels between current events, the warnings about breakout, and the Biblical description of the End Times in Revelations. Not a good book to read on a dark and stormy night if you are of a sensitive religious bent.

The book goes to considerable reasonable lengths to establish its premise and if you are inclined to believe in Revelations it makes perfect and very sobering sense.

The book goes on to outline what every Christian should do to prepare for the storm that is likely to engulf the world prior to the Rapture.


Outside of the evangelical community the book might as well not exist. While the Catholic Church produced an internal paper on The Coming Storm there has been no public comment. The Enlightenment Movement has not produced a singular reaction as it is rigorously decentralized, but in general it is head shaking, and warning that taking this seriously could distract you from what is actually happening.

Within the unenlightened evangelical community the book is the hot topic. This has become the unofficial tract of the End Times Movement.

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