Full title: The Inversion of Heaven

Author: Rev. William Randal Curtis DD

Published: 2005 Self Published The book has no ISBN number

Format: Deadtree It was available from the First Faith Pentecostal Church of Richmond Virgina website and has sold in its hundreds. The book was rejected by every publisher it was offered to including the major and minor Christian publishing houses.

Content: The Inversion of Heaven is a very long religious tract that claims the Devil actually comes from outer space, the "great darkness". The only true Children of God are the Humans, his special creation and everything else is the spawn of the fallen angels banished from Heaven. Ergo reaching into space is evil, it can only result in the discovery of devils and the destruction of mankind. The horned goats (Ane) are only proof of this. God would never create such a twisted joke of a creature. Also mentioned is the demonic appearance of other aliens (Vulcans).

The book cites numerous archaeological finds, Bible verses, and ancient writings to prove its point. The logic is however circular, and a first year student in critical thinking can tear it apart. The scholarship is sound, but the assumptions and interpretations are more than slightly questionable. Those who were not under the arcane influence of Curtis' preaching find the book laughably dumb.


The book is currently out of print.

The book once listed at $9.95 was raised to $19.95 as the church could no longer afford to subsidize the publication. Since The Trial for Peoplehood book sales are in the single digits per annum in any case. The only people that have recently bought the volume are those looking to trash Curtis and his so called scholarship. The Trial for Peoplehood actually increased sales dramatically as members of the Pro side acquired the book to bone up on Curtis' talking points. Every sale released a flood of laughter that was drowning Curtis and the Church. With Curtis leaving the church they pulled the plug on the book.

New copies were last seen on Amazon Marketplace for 40 bucks and no takers.

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