Full title: The Replicator & You: The Change That is Going to Unhinge the World.

Author: Karl Kolchak

Published: 2014 Freedom Press

Format: Deadtree and E-book

Content: Book - How the future has already over turned everything you know.

  • Chapter 1 - describes the replicator, how it works, what it does. This is the end game for 3D printing.
  • Chapter 2 - Describes how replicators and fusion power will over turn economics. Everything you know is wrong in the end of scarcity.
  • Chapter 3 - describes how already advanced medicine and magic are challenging notions of disability and mortality.
  • Chapter 4 - Describes how the above not only changes economics and business but also politics.
  • Chapter 5 - A Warning: The New Society Project is trying to think of all this stuff FOR YOU, which surrenders YOUR say in what the world of tomorrow looks like.


The general public reaction is lukewarm. A book, yawn. The critical world didn't get it. It was labeled A good waiting room read for insomniacs.

The Conservative press freaked over it. Frothing at the mouth Kolchak was called the spawn of the DEVIL!!!! Burn him, burn the book. Ban him from talking. Ban him from THINKING! The Liberal intelligentsia backlash was predictable. They finally noticed the book. Hey this guy has something important to say. Anything O'Really tells you to stay away from read at once.

As a result the book is seeing decent sales among book readers. It is sparking talk in tech forums. He is getting heat for condemning the New Society Project before they even have a study outline. The book is a flop among the Team Red, Team Maroon parties. Team Green is demanding replicators yesterday. So is Team Pinko. Bright pink is declaring that they already exist but only for the 1%. "The common man will never see it."

Kolchak is getting offers from the Talk shows.

President Luthor has come out and publicly said the book is soft pedaling the whole situation. The end of scarcity is going to make the magical Breakout look mild. the raison d etre for the economic engine of Human society will be broken. Profoundly broken. Changes must be made now as the very concept of "work" will change.