• Created by: Explained by Jay P. Hailey, creatively misunderstood by Garry Stahl.
  • Appearance: Collegium Arcane moves.
  • Number of Members: No more than few thousand.
  • Nature of Members: Humans, some with meta abilities, most without.
  • Organization: Hierarchical similar to religious fighting orders of the middle ages, of which they were patterned after..
  • Game Role: A organization that considers itself for good, a possible encounter or ally.
  • World Role: Watch meta Humans and protect the world from them.
  • Relative Influence: Minor. Small in number and do not tend to interfere.
  • Public or Secret?: Secret
  • Publicly Stated Goal: None
  • Relative Wealth: Moderate
  • Group advantages: Secrecy, a good knowledge of the targets.
  • Special Abilities: Telepaths and Magicians.
  • Group disadvantages: Secret, they must remain that way.
  • Special disadvantages: The people they are watching are not willing to be watched.
  • Those who favor them: Collegium Arcane, they have joined the effort to lessen the effect of breakout by becoming the investigative arm of the Collegium Arcane
  • Those opposed to them: Watched meta Humans if they knew.

    The Specters fear this group exists but have never found them. Several times members have been thwarted, by person or persons unknown.

  • Area of Operation: World wide
  • Headquarters Location: Geneva, Switzerland
  • Public Face: No public face
  • Notable Members: August Tamerlain -- The current Grandmaster of the organization
  • History of the Organization: A private organization founded in 1000 CE that dedicates itself to the purpose of observing meta Humans and attempting to find the reason in it all. They practice a charter of mostly non-interference, hence their name.

    The Watchers define meta Humans as those of human decent that possess abilities outside the Human normal. Psionic abilities, super strength, occult powers and so forth. They do not include those beings of clearly supernatural origin or those from other worlds.

    Historically the Watchers mainly have wretched. They lack the manpower to do much of anything. In the cases where the watched person was clearly a being bent on world domination or the subjugation of their fellow man action has been taken. Carefully in such a way as to never expose the organization.

    With the certainty of the magical breakout the Watchers have offered their services to the Collegium Arcane. This not so secret group is attempting to learn and disseminated as much magical knowledge as possible in as safe a manner as possible. The stated goal being to turn the coming total apocalypse into a major disaster. The Watchers can get behind that.