• Created By: Matthew Stahl
  • Appearance: Vista City Game
  • Full name: Timothy Blackmane
  • Birthplace: Rosecrans province of the Coranth Empire on Greyhawke
  • Current Residence: 232 Cherry Blossom Lane Marietta, Georgia
  • Parents: Father: Evan Blackmane, God and Inn keeper
    Mother: Wynona Blackmane
  • Siblings: Current total of 17 brothers and 26 sisters. Known are Conner Blackmanem Kyte Blackmane, Willis Blackmane, and younger sister Mae Blackmane
  • Familiar: Applejack a female Fairy Dragon
  • Birthdate: June 15, 1988 (Earth Equivalent)
  • Sex: Male
  • Height: 5' 7"
  • Weight: 99 pounds
  • Build: Slender
  • Marital status: Wives -- Avolean & Daisy, Significant Relationship with Starry Windchilde, Cleo Mc'alaster and Mae Blackmane.
  • Skin coloring: black, where it shows
  • Body: Light Gray fur with white belly and black mask socks gloves and tail bands
  • Eyes: Red and slightly luminous
  • Hair: Black


  • Description: Tim has waist length hair so straight that it could be called limp. He is just a bit on the gaunt side and typical grinning wolfishly (really the only way he can grin). He tends to wear blue jeans and open leather vest when he is out of the house. He is also almost never seen outside with out a dark brown tricorner hat with a reddish band on the crown.
  • Routine Activities: Tim runs a comic shop and gaming store, Blackmane's Comics & Games, with a lot of new age junk. To the knowing the new age stuff is actually barely concealed magic supplies and actual magical artifacts for sale. When not running the front counter he works in the back on enchanting projects. Once a week he plays in a pathfinder game at his store after main hours are over.
  • Skills/Training/Professional Skills: A wizard off some substantial skill and power. Tim is equally at home questing in the field as he is in the lab researching spells, and enchanting items. He is also learning a lot about comic books and role playing games.
  • Financial Status: Wealthy, Tim has a lot of gold and gems to convert into cash when he needs to. Selling magic may be high overhead but the profits can be huge. More so Tim's abilities as a spell caster for hire have gotten notice. He has done work for every thing form Bureau 13, and the Vatican to the library of Congress and the Walt Dizney Corporation. At current Tim also controls the comic license trade between Alpha Centari and Earth.
  • Group Affiliations: Astral Flame by relation, The Blackmane Families, Bureau 13, FBI, Department of Super Heroes
  • Personality: Tim is a sly young fox of a man. He is good looking, knows it (even if his appeal is less broad on Earth), and uses it to his advantage. Tim likes the ladies but doesn’t have Willis' hopeless romanticism. Though he will always be honest about his intentions and never seduces anyone who is looking for more than he is. Tim is curious about everything new and tends to ask question on things people take for granted, much the reverse of his father's eternal answers to unasked questions.

    Like most of the children that grew up in his family Tim is very kind, and loves children. He easily befriends the young and has a particular fondness for some of the neighborhoods younger boys (not in a creepy way, you sick freak!!).

  • Ambitions and Goals:Tim wants to fit into this world. He wants to make his home and future on Earth and open it up for more Tanuki to live here. He knows about the coming Breakout and feels strongly about helping the world prepare for it. He also wants to run a successful business and have about 6 or 7 kids.
  • Physical/mental Problems: As a Tanuki Tim is smaller and lighter than a Human. Tanuki also are somewhat less resistant to toxins than humans. Also Tim has a congenital brain defect. Though not life threatening in any way it effects his Psionic Abilities. Tim's psychic powers are phenomenally strong but he can't control them well. Using telepathy for any length of time give him sever headaches, and mere contact by him can be instantly painful to others (This was corrected). Tim is also a teleporter and a macro telekinetic, and though his teleportation seem unaffected, his kinetics are best used on massive object, likiel boldersand locomotics. His touch would crush a pop can.
  • Enemies (And Why): Human Supremacists, he lives in the South and the Klan wants him gone. The feeling is mutual.
  • Special Abilities: Tim is a wizard able to use high levels of magic as well as being able to make magic items. Tim's teleportation abilities are unaffected by his psionic defects, Also Tim possess physical agility beyond what most humans are capable of.
  • Weaknesses/Disadvantages: Tim lives in one of the most racially charged and intolerant parts of the continental USA. His psionic problems as already described limit some of his ability to interact with his own people normally.
  • History and Experiences Which have Affected Character Greatly: Tim had a normal upbringing for one of the Blackmane kids, if such a thing exists. Aside from being prone to breaking things and not using telepathy. His closest companion growing up was his sister Mae. They were born 5 days apart and shared the same room until he left home at age 19. Now that he has settled down Mae has joined him on Earth and has decided to raise her child with his. His inability to connect telepathically with other Tanuki has left him a little bitter and he tries to ignore the problem. "The non-solution has worked so far, kinda, well he doesn’t need it to deal with Humans... so good enough."

    Tim had a successful adventuring career, he lived as did most of his companions. He might even give it another go after he's had some time to enjoy his success. When he arrived on Earth Tim purchased an out of business comic shop called Willad's. The previous owner had been arrested after his child porn studio in back of the store was discovered. He completely redesigned the place and opened it as "Blackmane's Comics & Games". He sells Comics, games, board and RPG, used books, videos of the genre, and supplies real magic types similar to Needful Things with a new age magik cover.

  • B13 note: Tim has made himself available on several occasions both as a supplier of arcane tools and in locating and helping to contain threats. Part of the know, semi-trusted.

Game Stats (Shadowrun)Edit

Timothy Blackmane

Tanuki Male

Body*    3      Charisma   7   Edge       4
Agility  9      Intuition  7   Essence    6
Strength 3      Logic      8   Magic      12  14 with focus
Reaction 4      Will Power 6   Initiative 11

Agility is 8 magic item increase to 9
Logic is a 7 magic items increase to 8

Tanuki Qualities                 Negative Tanuki Qualities
Claws Dv (Str/2)P                Distinctive Alien
Prehensile Tail                  Sensitive System
Enhance Sense (Low Light vision)                        
Enhance Sense (Smell)      
Enhance Sense (Hearing) 

Positive Qualities               Negative Qualities
Wealthy                          Telepathy flawed
Teleporter                       Telekinesis flawed

These Skill are totals or ranks and their relevant attributes as well as any 
special bonuses.  These are skill group that represent more the one skill. Skill 
that differ from the group or have specialization are listed to the side.

Close Combat         11    With Swords 13
Fire Arms            10
Athletics            5     With Gymnastics 11
Electronics          10
Influence            10
Sorcery              18    Spell casting Spec manipulation spells 20
Conjuring            18

Individual skills

Perception           10
Pilot Ground Vehicle 6
Arcana(spell design) 14             
Survival             7
Artisan (item craft) 12
Dodge                13
Assessing            12
First Aid            8
Instruction          11
Intimidation         10

Knowledge Skills

Magic Lore           13
World Greyhawke      9
Monster Lore         9
Planer Lore          10
Comic Books          11
Video Games          11
Role Playing games   11
Earth politics       10
Earth magic          9
Convention           12
Space Lore           10   Alpha centari 12
Alien Species        9    Alpha centari 11
Magicians            13   North America 15

Combat Spells  good selection
Illusion Spells fair selection
Detection Spells good selection
Healing and restorative spell poor selection
Manipulation Spell Excellent selection
Conjuration Good
Necro Poor

Armor               Ballistic  Impact
Magic ring             3        3
Bracers                5        5  
Total                  8        8
Ring Grants Immunity to Fire
Hat increases Logic by 1 and magic by 2

Light Saber 
Level 2 weapon Foci 
Damage 1/2 STR + 4 P      5 p
Armor Penetration  1/2 Impact -4
Reach +1

Magic Force Blaster
Level 3 weapon foci
Damage 6p
Armor Penetration 1/2 Impact -1
Unlimited Ammo
Range in meters
Point Blank 0-5 Short 6-10, Medium 11-25, Long 26-60, Extreme 61-120