In reference to various characters referring to Bureau 13 and the arcane knowledge they guard. This category us being depreciated as arcane knowledge is becoming common.

  • Untrusted: This person may or may not have knowledge of agency matters. They can be depended on to do what they think is best for themselves and the devil screw the hindmost. Avoid dealing with them. Treat with extreme prejudice if you must deal with them. Most political figures fall into this category.
  • Not Trusted: This person may or may not have knowledge of agency related matters. Their trustworthiness has not been tested and if possible should not be tested.
  • Semi Trusted:This person is generally in the know, they have worked with Bureau 13, but are not 100% behind the mission.
  • Trusted: This person can be trusted to deal fairly with Bureau 13 and holds the greater good over personal profit.
  • Watched: This person has knowledge of agency matters or is an agency matter. They are not considered a danger but an eye is kept on them to make sure.
  • B-13: They are part of the Agency. They can be dealt with on any matter.

Sea Also: Know

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