Traffic Enforcement

The VCPD cops on the beat. Two thirds of the police in Vista City fall into this category. Vista City used a single officer per car to spread out the eyes and ears. The city-county system accounts for a great deal of land without a large population.

The department strives to keep 170 officers on the streets at all times. The goal is seldom met due to the cities budget constrains they are lucky to keep 140 officers moving. Detectives supplement patrol as they can.


  • Capt. Mickey Rand -- Promoted from within the department. Fair faced red hair, looks like a kid in his daddy's uniform. Good solid cop. (Hint of know, you don't get away in Vista City without it. Trusted)
  • Officer Paul Genero -- Beat cop frequently seen.
  • Officer Markiou Hatimoto -- Now part of the Yakusa unit.
  • Officer Robert Heade -- Killed by Lex the Dragon, raised and returned to duty. It happened too fast to traumatize him.
  • Srg. Martin Miller -- On the force for seven years, a good solid cop. Martin is a classic pale redhead with freckles even. He looks like a kid. He is 27 years old. Single. He has recovered from his "attack". He has an aversion to the dead.(common frequent) He will be -1 to all rolls for reaction or will in the presence of a dead body. Standard cop pack, and the bureau pack. He builds model trains as a hobby. He is a member of the Vista City Railbirds (Model RR club). He lives in a fairly cheap apartment.
  • Officer Sarah Miller -- badge 521 Beat Cop Vampire Stalkers. Not related to Martin Miller
  • Officer Miyuki Nagano -- Daughter of "The" Nagano. "China doll" of a woman with a forceful will.
  • Officer Doug Phillps -- badge 543 Beat Cop (Vampire Stalkers Game)
  • Officer Aurthur Walle -- Beat cop frequently seen. Built like he is named. Not quite a contender for the "World's Strongest Man" competitions, but close. Likes to work out in his spare time.
  • Officer Fred Wong -- Beat Cop, had an incident, but is back on the job. (Sparky the Dog) Fred has an aversion to dogs. (common frequent) He will not shoot one on sight, but he is uncomfortable in the presence of any dog (-1 to rolls. -2 if it deals with the dog directly. (In the know, trusted)

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