UAM logo
  • Created by: Garry Stahl
  • Appearance: Vista City Game
  • Number of Members: Unknown, likely less than one hundred.
  • Nature of Members: 100% pure American Humans
  • Organization: Cell
  • Game Role: Terrorists
  • World Role: Terrorists
  • Relative Influence: Minor so far
  • Public or Secret?: Public actions, very secret members.
  • Publicly Stated Goal: Remove aliens and magic from America and Earth in general Return the United States to the Fundamental Christianist theocracy it should have been to start with.
  • Relative Wealth: Unknown
  • Group advantages: Secret, members can hide in plain sight.
  • Special Abilities: None known.
  • Group disadvantages: If found out they go to jail.
  • Special disadvantages: Narrow thinking.
  • Those who favor them: Human First Party, but not publicly
  • Those opposed to them: Everyone else.
  • Area of Operation: United States,so far.
  • Headquarters Location: Unknown. The first press announcements where made in Tulsa Ok, the first activities in Tall Trees, Montana.
  • Public Face: Aliens Go Back to Satan.
  • Notable Members: None noted.
  • Bureau File New on the scene they already have a bombing (VC United American Militia), several assaults and attempted murders, as well as four counts of kidnapping. And nothing real to show for it. The first cell to act went down fast. Mainly for having kidnapped an Army demolitions expert and family. Their "borrowed" expert did them in, rather efficiently. Their first MO was to boldly announce action, it cost them.

    The Second attempt was to bomb a Church of Blackmane without preamble, followed shortly by an attack on an ethnic grocery store. Police work tracked down the bombers and put them away.

    The next action was to bomb the exiting crowd at an Astral Flame Concert in Portland Or. Magic roped them in quickly and negated all casualties.

    The last action was against The House of Crafters in Monroe, OH. The Agia guarding the temple, warned by the FBI, caught the bombers placing the bomb.

    The group has been using Faithbook to communicate using a code of home improvement terms. This code has been acquired. The FBI is reading them and working in moles. The group has shut up and gone to ground at this time. We have no delusions that we have heard the last of this group.

    The Home Improvement Code is dead. The UAM has gone nearly dataweb dark and the few active moles report that communication is via snail mail. The speed at which the Trail of Tears bombers were caught has stunned them.

    The group has been claiming actions of a minor nature, any anti alien hate crime is bound to get the Militia crowing that one of their members did it. How true this is is up for debate. It might be true, it might the Militia trying to grab credit for unrelated actions, it might be unrelated actors trying to muddy the waters. Investigate and arrest, who did it why is not an issue.

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