Willis Blackmane

  • Created By: Matthew Stahl and Garry Stahl
  • Appearance: Vista City Game
  • Full name: Willis Blackmane
  • Birthplace: Rosencranzt province of the Empire of Coranth
  • Parents: Father: Evan Blackmane, God and Inn keeper
                    Mother: Wynona Blackmane
  • Siblings: Current total of 17 brothers and 26 sisters; older sister Kyte Blackmane, younger brother Timothy Blackmane, younger sister Mae Blackmane
  • Birthdate: Equivalent November 3, 1985
  • Sex: Male
  • Height: 5' 5"
  • Weight: 98 pounds
  • Build: Slender
  • Marital status: Wives -- Orane Blackmane (pregnant), Betty Ashby, Mated to Tendee (1 girl Kilee), Candilee, Dania, Lulu Ringtail, Concubines Zarra, Hypathia Other Children: Elizabeth, by a previous relationship.
  • Skin coloring: black, where it shows
  • Body: Light Gray fur with white belly and black mask socks gloves and tail bands
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Hair: Black
  • Description: Straight long hair, he is fond of dressing in mostly white.
  • Routine Activities: Tending to his family, studying magic and raising children. Oh and he plays music sometimes too.
  • Skills/Training/Professional Skills: A professional adventurer and wizard. He is also an excellent singer and a master of the guitar.
  • Financial Status: More money than the dreams of avarice, This is due to being taken to the Treasurer Planet. He also owns the Walt Dizney Corporation.
  • Group Affiliations: Astral Flame, The Ashbys, Warp Drive Project, Janordan Court, Seahaven.
  • Personality: Energetic and kind. Willis always has to have some sort of project to focus on. The band, his children and mates, a social project. Willis would give a needy stranger the shirt off his back, or weave a new wardrobe. The closest that Willis might get to meanness is a delight in thwarting the planes of the cruel and selfish. Unicorns like the guy.
  • Ambitions and Goals: The big rock stars biggest ambition in life is to make his mates and children happy. That aside Willis wants to see as much of the world as he can and spreed his image of outsiders and magic as a positive influence.
  • Physical/mental Problems: As a Tanuki Willis is smaller and lighter than a Human. Tanuki also are somewhat less resistant to toxins than humans. On the mental side Willis is prone to despair when he can’t avert suffering or senses to much psychic pain in his environment. Willis is also romantic to a fault. He falls in love easily, deeply, and seriously. Because of this he avoids becoming intimate with any girls he meets that he isn't already close to.
  • Enemies (And Why): Human Supremacist, Cooperate Sharks, The forces of evil and record company types.
  • Special Abilities: Willis possess physical agility beyond what most humans are capable of. Magic, Willis is a competent mage as well as very skilled at personal combat. He possesses a number of magical weapons and tools. Willis has Mancrist one of the brother swords created by the god Coran. This blade can sense and destroy those who enslave and rape. Willis possesses the basic telepathy that all Tanuki do, as well as the power of teleportation. He has recently begun to show signs of a powerful ESP talent, but it does him more harm that good.
  • Weaknesses/Disadvantages: To kind for his own good, Willis will try to help anyone that looks like they need it. Fortunately being gullible is not one of his weakness or he would be very easy to take advantage of. Willis emerging ESP is more of a hindrance to him than an advantage, the emotional feed back he picks up form his surroundings often leads him to despair.
  • History and Experiences Which have Affected Character Greatly: Abducted form home by Neogi slavers at age 14, Willis was unwittingly thrown into a wild adventure to survive and return home. Shortly after his capture Willis met a fellow captive, an enormous scarred Sauroi that identified herself as Oh My! The mentally retarded saurian latched on to the group mostly due to Willis' kindness.

    Along the way they found a ship and formed a musical band to help pay their way. After a time at great risk Willis gained a ring of three wishes. The first was to grant "Oh My" normal intelligence (She shortly thereafter took the name "Orane"), and the second to fix her horrifically scared face. Later after returning to Greyhawke they traveled as a duo for a while. During this time their relationship turned sexual against all odds.

    After spending some time in the city of Seahaven and dealing with monsters in its environs their family grew. Mostly through acts of Willis being a selfless romantic sap. After a point when his funds were running low Willis and his family of adventurers took on a quest to retrieve a lost religious artifact from the Valley of the Ancients. Hiring the Mage Eldirman as an expert their quest was successful, though they wont speak much of it, only referring to a horrible “Chicken Thing” . But their return was cut short when they ended up in the Superstition Mountains of Earth in a Dimensional inversion event.

  • Part of the know, Mostly Trusted

Game Stats (Shadowrun)Edit

Willis Blackmane

Tanuki Male

Body*    3      Charisma   7   Edge       5
Agility  11     Intuition  10  Essence    6
Strength 3      Logic      10  Magic      12  
Reaction 6      Will Power 5   Initiative 13

Agility is 9 magic item increase to 11
Logic and Intuition are both 6 magic items increase to 10

Tanuki Qualities                 Negative Tanuki Qualities
Claws Dv (Str/2)P                Distinctive Alien
Prehensile Tail                  Sensitive System
Enhance Sense (Low Light vision)                        
Enhance Sense (Smell)      
Enhance Sense (Hearing) 

Positive Qualities               Negative Qualities
Super Wealthy                    Hyper Sensitive to negative Psionic emanations 
Teleporter                       Must lash out at slavers and rapist
ESP                              Soft Hearted
                                 Painfully Romantic

These Skill are totals or ranks and their relevant attributes as well as any 
special bonuses.  These are skill group that represent more the one skill. Skill 
that differ from the group or have specialization are listed to the side.

Close Combat         15    With Blades 17
Fire Arms            9
Athletics            7     With Gymnastics 15
Influence            11
Sorcery              18    Spellcasting Spec combat spells 20
Conjuring            16 

Individual skills

Perception           12
Pilot Ground Vehicle 8
Arcana               11
Survival             8
Shadowing            9
Tracking             12
Pilot Aircraft       7
Dodge                14
Assensing            12
First Aid            8
Infiltration         12
Intimidation         10
Artisan Guitar       14  Spec Metal Style 16  Magic Gitaur 20
Archery              15
Throwing Weapons     12

Knowledge Skills

Magic Lore           16
World Greyhawke      13
Monster Lore         15
Planer Lore          13
Music                14
Religions            12
Hollyweird           11
Earth politics       12
Eyrian politics      13
Treasure Lore        15
Psychology           12
Xbox Games           14

A wide array of magic spells many that disrupt spirits and such
A large number of attack and defense spells are prepped as well as
spells intended for day to day utility.

Armor               Ballistic  Impact
Magic ring             4        4
Other Effects          2        2
Dragon Hide Jacket      9        10  
Total                  15       16
Armor grants immunity to electricity
other effect grant immunity to fire and
hostile mental effects

Light Saber 
Level 4 weapon Foci +1 damage vs evil
Damage 1/2 STR + 4 P      5 p
Armor Penetration  1/2 Impact -4
Reach +1

Level 6 weapon foci
Level 2 power foci (treat magic as 2 higher when wielding
Damage 1/2 STR + 6 P      7 p
Armor Penetration -4
Reach +2

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